Mission Statement

We are a cross-party-no-party campaign group established in 2010 made up of local residents, trade union members and NHS Staff. We fought against the privatisation of Hinchingbrooke Hospital and for its return to the NHS. We were proved right in our fears about privatisation when Circle withdrew from the contract after less than three years because they could not make a profit!

We believe the NHS is about healthcare not profit.

The campaign group members are steadfast in their will to continue to fight the changes which will inevitably be forced onto Hinchingbrooke by the takeover of Peterborough, and the Cambridgeshire Sustainability & Transformation Plans that are now dictating all the smaller incidences of mergers, downgrades and closures.

Hands Off Hinchingbrooke believe the people of Huntingdonshire will begin to see alarming changes very soon and are preparing to be available to offer help and advice to community members who want to do something to protect their health services for the future local population.

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