Hands off Hinchingbrooke Campaign Group have contacted both Cambridgeshire County Council and Huntingdon District Council urging them to formally reject the Sustainability Transformation Plan for Cambridgeshire.

Our group considers these plans are deeply flawed and will lead to savage cuts in Health and Social Care provision throughout the County and will impact upon services at Hinchingbrooke Hospital despite assurances from the CEO of Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

The Cambridgeshire Commissioning Group who released these plans last week are the most financially challenged Group in England and must make over £500m savings up to 2020.  That is a staggering £125m per year yet they have failed to publish details of where and when these cuts will be made.

Until they release this information to Councils and the wider public and begin proper consultation with the public we consider the plans to be unacceptable.  If implemented they will prove damaging to old and young alike.

Our campaign group urges councillors at both District and County level to demand full disclosure of where savings are to be made and consider the impact on the local community.

London Borough and County Councils throughout England are rejecting their own STP’s and we urge our councils to follow suit.

The proposals are financially driven and do not fully consider the Health and Social Welfare needs of our residents

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