November’s Meeting

An energetic and animated meeting this month. Thanks to everyone who came along. Lots of updates from those who attended the Health Campaigns Together conference in London on Sat. 4th Nov. A one-day conference with campaigners travelling from as far afield as Devon and Cumbria to share news, information and ideas for the winter ahead. Members felt it was a positive day and well worth attending.

Stories and information from other groups provided yet more proof of the need to remain vigilant in watching our local services.

HoH Member Jane Howell found the day inspiring. ” Hearing other campaigners’ talk about the mergers, downgrades they had seen in their areas,  leading to full loss of some services helped me to understand that we’re right to be worried in Huntingdon. We are still very concerned about the future of Hinchingbrooke as a hospital with full 24hr Blue-light A&E Department.”

Fellow campaigner Margaret Ridley agreed: “We do have to ask the question. Surely with so many new towns popping up in the Huntingdon region and the population set to grow – now is not the time to be cutting NHS services at Hinchingbrooke. Is it?”

If you are worried too write to the County Council Health Board. Find out what they are doing about protecting our hospitals. You could even join members attending the meetings

The link to meeting info: Health & Wellbeing Board Meetings


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