September Meeting

Hands off Hinchingbrooke are looking forward to their first Autumn meeting at the Community Church in Huntingdon on Wednesday Sept 13th at 7pm.

Earlier this year the group asked the question about the Hinchingbrooke/Peterborough merger:  “Is it a merger or an acquisition?”. It is clear that it is a reconfiguration that will have an affect. It has been a summer of reflection and talking to local people and NHS Staff about the changes taking place not only at Hinchingbrooke but across the county as a whole.

Members have also been in touch with campaigners across the country through Health Campaigns Together and believe that this winter will see unprecedented cuts and restrictions to services that will affect the Huntingdon Community directly and also those living in the more rural areas of Cambridgeshire.

For more information about the meeting contact the group by email.

Merger or Takeover?

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