Campaign in the heart of the coummunity

Hands Off Hinchingbrooke attended the Unity in the Community event at the Medway Centre, Huntingdon on Saturday. With the day being fully packed and hundreds turning out, the campaign was in the heart of the Oxmoor. With a good turnout we spoke to different people in the community about the merger between Hinchingbrooke Hospital Healthcare NHS Trust  and Peterborough and Stamford Foundation NHS Trust and a number of departments possibly being closed and the impact of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) will have on Hinchingbrooke.

Huntingdon Mayor and CEO of Magpas, Cllr Daryl Brown spoke to one of our committee members say ing that he has spoken to Hinchingbrooke Hospital’s boss Lance McCarthy, and he has expressed his worry and concerns over the merger. Unfortunley he would’t “sign our petition as he has already signed another petition”

Deputy Mayor Cllr Jay Dyne did sign our petition and agreeing to our Mission Statement (pictured below)

Hands Off Hinchingbrooke Mission Statement

We collected over 60 signatures so in total we have over 320 signatures for our petition with only attended two events in the last several weeks. We will be arranging to attend more events across the district and county in the coming months and we will keep you posted.

If you want to sign our petition please click the link.

Daniel Laycock


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