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Hands Off Hinchingbrooke is a grassroots cross-party/no party campaign group who are passionate about fighting cuts and dangerous changes to our NHS – with a particular focus on what is happening in Huntingdonshire and Hinchingbrooke Hospital. We are local people from all walks of life who are working together to fight the dismantling of our NHS and the threat to our local community hospital.

Campaign members attend Board Meetings, Health Scrutiny meetings, council meetings and have represent the Huntingdonshire community as best they can in striving for equality and quality in our local services. Being volunteers, taking on the might of NHS England decision makers was never going to be an easy task.

When Hinchingbrooke was ‘merged’ (we like to use the word ‘acquired’) with Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust we decided to continue to monitor the changes which will inevitably be forced onto Hinchingbrooke by the takeover, and to monitor and oppose the down grading of healthcare services throughout  Cambridgeshire and Peterborough by the Sustainability & Transformation Plans and now the dangers of the USA model of Accountable Care or – again using polite language to mask the truth – Integrated Care.

Hands off Hinchingbrooke spokesperson Rob Gardiner:

“We are even more determined now. What we have to monitor now is any reduction in full A&E emergency services, the redistribution of staff, the “reallocation” of public land that Peterborough Executives will deem as non-necessary and sell to developers for housing, the shared backroom services that will give an IT company huge sums of money… it really is not a pretty picture.”

Hands Off Hinchingbrooke believe local people will begin to see alarming changes very soon and are preparing to be available to offer help and advice to community members who want to do something to protect their health services for the future local population.

If you want to help then please get in touch.  Please consider helping us.

We meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 7pm at Huntingdonshire Community Church, 86A High Street, Huntingdon, and our meetings are open to all.



We’d encourage you all to become involved as we love the broad support from every part of the community, so follow us for updates on here or grab our RSS feed, or like us on Facebook .

You can email us at anytime


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